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St. Martin, Idstein, 2011
St. Martin, Idstein, on Wikipedia

Basic information in English about the parish St. Martin and its church, designed by Johannes Krahn, has been available since St. Martins Day 2010 on the English Wikipedia.

Did you know ... that the German architect Johannes Krahn designed the Bienenkorbhaus (Beehive House) in Frankfurt and St. Martin in Idstein?

Did you know ...

... that Geistliche_Chormusik, a collection of 29 motets by Heinrich Schütz (pictured) containing a "plea for peace", appeared in 1648, when the Thirty Years' War ended?

... that Arvo Pärt began his choral composition Da pacem Domine (Give peace, Lord) two days after the 2004 Madrid train bombings?

... that composer Heinrich Schütz published Psalmen Davids, including polychoral settings for many of the included psalms, on his wedding day?

... that parts of Cantiones sacrae, 40 choral pieces composed by Heinrich Schütz during the Thirty Years' War, have been described as intensely expressive, others as happy?

... that a German Magnificat, or Song of Mary, ends the last work by composer Heinrich Schütz, known as his swan song?"

Mass in B minor

Did you know ...
... that Johann Sebastian Bach reworked music from more than three decades earlier for the central piece Crucifixus in the symmetrical structure of his Mass in B minor?

... that Gabriela Eibenová flew from Prague to fill in for a soprano in Bach's Mass in B minor in St. Martin, Idstein?

... that countertenor David Erler was one of five singers invited by amarcord for the performance of Monteverdi's Vespers as the annual Marienvesper of the Rheingau Musik Festival in Eberbach Abbey?

... that according to a reviewer, tenor Georg Poplutz created a "cosmos of emotions" in a performance of Schubert's Winterreise?

L'arpa festante

Did you know ... that the Baroque orchestra L'arpa festante produced the first recording of a Passion by Telemann and played Bach's Mass in B minor in the Cathedral of Trier?

Lux Aurumque

The concert on 6 June 2012 was dedicated to contemporary music.
Did you know ...
... that Jan Sandström composed the Motorbike Concerto, and a setting of Es ist ein Ros entsprungen for two choirs a cappella: one in four parts, singing Praetorius, and the other in eight parts? (Christmas Eve 24 December 2011)

... that Samuel Barber derived his choral composition Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) from his successful Adagio for Strings, showing "the work's sense of spirituality"? (Good Friday 6 April 2012)

... that the 2000 a cappella composition Lux Aurumque (''Light and Gold'') was recorded by a Virtual Choir of 185 singers from 12 countries, conducted by its composer Eric Whitacre? (Pentecost Monday, 28 May 2012)

Our cantor's teacher

Did you know ...
... that Wolfgang Schäfer, who succeeded Helmuth Rilling as professor of choral conducting for the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, is also part of the musical comedy trio BosArt? (27 November 2010)

Messiah 2011

Did you know ...
... that Handel's oratorio Messiah is structured in three parts, with a libretto about the Christian Messiah drawn from Bible verses, mostly taken from the Old Testament? (18 July 2011)

... that the Annunciation to the shepherds in Handel's Messiah, Part I, is the only scene from a Gospel in the oratorio? (23 July 2011)

... that Handel's Messiah, Part II contains the famous Hallelujah Chorus and the oratorio's longest movement, the Air for alto He was despised? (30 July 2011)

... that in Handel's oratorio Messiah, Part III closes with the chorus "Worthy is the Lamb", from text in the Book of Revelation, and an extended Amen fugue? (22 July 2011)

... that a reviewer wrote that Katia Plaschka, "quite accurately described as a high soprano, sings music of stratospheric difficulty" when performing Luigi Nono's music?
(23 September 2011)

... that Bach's solo cantata for alto Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust, BWV 170, for the sixth Sunday after Trinity, was recorded by Maureen Forrester, Andreas Scholl and Julia Hamari?
(11 July 2010)

... that tenor Ulrich Cordes was the Evangelist in Bach's St Matthew Passion in St. Martin, Idstein, the Berliner Philharmonie and the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels?
(30 September 2011)

... that Markus Flaig brought Handel's darkness and great light to St. Martin, Idstein?
(22 September 2011)

Monteverdi Missa in F

Did you know ... ... that the 1641 edition Selva morale e spirituale by Claudio Monteverdi is considered his "most significant anthology of liturgical works since the Vespers in 1610"?
(25 February 2011)

Verdi Requiem

Did you know ... that two conductors shared performances of Verdi's Messa da Requiem in St. Martin, Idstein?
(21 November 2010)

Kalevi Kiviniemi, organist

Did you know ... that music of the Baroque composer Fortunato Chelleri on Don Quixote was recorded by organist Kalevi Kiviniemi on the Las Piñas Bamboo Organ?
(25 September 2010)

St.Matthew Passion

Did you know ... ... that Johan van der Meer conducted the first historically informed performance in the Netherlands of Bach's St Matthew Passion in 1973, with Marius van Altena as the Evangelist and Max van Egmond as the Vox Christi?
(20 January 2012)

Did you know ... ... that within ten years bass singer Klaus Mertens recorded all vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir?
(14 January 2010)


You reached the parish St. Martin in Idstein, Hesse, Germany. This website is in German, but you may still find interesting facts about the life of the parish.


Click on the symbol of St. Martin, our Patron Saint, above to reach the Main page.


The navigation links lead you to main subjects, divided in sub topics, if you hover on them:

Wer wir sind - Who we are, the team

Was wir tun - What we do, groups and organisations

Einladung - Invitation, services

Kirchenmusik - Church music

Unsere Kirche - Our church, the building

KITA - the Day Care Center of the parish

Nachrichten - News, the latest one on top, archives back until 2005, also the calender

Kontakt - Contact


Feel free to mail in English, it will be answered in English if you have some patience.

Future events

6 November 2016, 4:30pm, Limburg Cathedral: Peter Reulein: Laudato si - Ein franziskanisches Magnificat, a new composition to celebrate 50 years Referat Kirchenmusik im Bistum Limburg (Church music in the Limburg diocese), on a text by the Franciscan Helmut Schlegel. A second performance will be on 29 January 2017, 3:30pm, at the Frankfurt Cathedral. The composer will conduct his Vocalensemble of Liebfrauen, Frankfurt, Chor St. Martin and Martinis, soloists, orchestra and organ. Details by the publisher Dehm-Verlag and the composer's church, including the poster. A rehearsal of all singers is on 31 October, 7pm, in St. Martin.

Past events 2016

12 June 2016, 5 p.m.: Choral concert, Gioachino Rossini: Petite messe solennelle, original piano version, performed by soloists and the Kammerchor Ehrenbach

16 April 2016, 5 p.m. and 23 April 2016 (Zwindrecht, Belgium): Joseph Haydn: Die Schöpfung (The Creation),  Ecumenical choral concert of a Belgian choir and three Idstein choirs

Past Events 2015

7 November (St. Bonifatius Wiesbaden) and 15 November 2015: Choral concert, Gabriel Fauré's Requiem, and Cantique de Jean Racine, Olivier Latry's Salve Regina.


8 February 2015, and 10 February 2015: Ecumenical choral concert of three Idstein choirs, orchestra and two conductors: Karl Jenkins: Gloria & Te Deum.

Past events 2014

16 November 2014, 5 p.m. Sacred MusicSelig sind die Toten, texts and music by Schütz, Dowland, Holborne, Kerll, Buxtehude and Pärt remember the dead, especially the victims of the world wars.


13 July 2014, 4 p.m. Sacred Music, "Danket dem Herrn" (Psalm 136, SVW 45) and other works by Heinrich Schütz


15 March 2014, 4 p.m. Sacred Music, Choral music with the award-winning female chamber choir Carpe diem Limburg, benefit concert for the renovation of the Unionskirche Idstein. Open rehearsal before at 2:30 p.m. Music from the 19th century to the 21st century, including works by Brahms, Casals and Karin Rehnquist.

Past events 2013

29 September 2013, 5 p.m.: Bach Mass in B minor, choral concert of Chor St. Martin and the Martinis, conducted by Franz Fink, with orchestra L'arpa festante, Gabriela Eibenová, soprano, David Erler, alto, Georg Poplutz, tenor, and Andreas Pruys, bass


14 April 2013, 11 a.m.: Music with Graham Waterhouse, premiere of "in nomine for cello solo"

Past events 2012

25 November 2012, 11 a.m.: Stefano Bernardi Missa primi toni octo vocum, Chor St. Martin


7 October 2012, 11 a.m.: Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer: Missa Inventionis Sanctae CrucisMartinis


3 June 2012, 5 p.m. Lux Aurumque, choral concert of Chor St. Martin and the Martinis, conducted by Franz Fink, contemporary sacred music of the 20th and 21st century, works by Samuel Barber, Franz Biebl, Morten Lauridsen, Knut Nystedt, Arvo Pärt, Graham Waterhouse and Eric Whitacre include Barber's Agnus Dei (his own arrangement of his Adagio for Strings), Biebl's Ave Maria, Pärts Salve Regina (heard in 2007), the premiere of Waterhouse's Halleluja St. Martin, written for the parish in 2012, Whitacre's Lux Aurumque (Light and Gold), Nystedt's Immortal Bach, and Jan Sandström's Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.


6 May 2012, concert with the new harpsichord, played by Franz Fink conducting the Orchestra St. Martin and the Baroque Consort St. Martin in festive Baroque musique by Vivaldi, Bach, Handel and others.


7 April 2012, Easter Vigil with Chor St. Martin conducted by Franz Fink, including Sicut cervus by Palestrina and Break forth into Joy by Joseph Barnby


6 April 2012, 3 p.m., Liturgy of Good Friday with Chor St. Martin conducted by Franz Fink, including Agnus Dei by Samuel Barber


26 February 2012, 11 a.m. Chor St. Martin, first Sunday in Lent, Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei from the Missa brevis in C by Leopold Mozart, attributed to his son as KV 115

Earlier events

24 December 2011, 11 p.m.: Christmette with Chor St. Martin and Orchester St. Martin, conducted by Franz Fink, including Jan Sandström's "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen".


20 November 2011, 11 a.m.: mass with Chor St. Martin and Orchester St. Martin, "Missa secondi toni" by Johann Ernst Eberlin (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei). The composer was a friend of Leopold Mozart and taught young Wolfgang.


30 October 2011, 5 p.m.: organ concert to introduce the last stop of the Mebold organ, Vox humana, in St. Martin Vox celerium


18 September 2011, 5 p.m.: Handel's Messiah, the choral concert of 2011, in continuation of Church Music from England. The counter tenor Andreas Scholl appeared again, as already in the St Matthew Passion of 1998. Katia Plaschka was the soprano, as in 2003 (Utrecht Te Deum and Jubilate), 2004 (Christmas Oratorio), 2007 (Membra Jesu nostri), 2008 (Great Mass in C minor) and 2009 (St Matthew Passion). Ulrich Cordes, who was the Evangelist in the St Matthew Passion both in St. Martin and 2011 in Dillenburg, sang the tenor part,  Markus Flaig was the bass.


13 June 2011, 10 a.m. Unionskirche Idstein, a Pentecost service of Protestants and Catholics, Chor St. Martin singing Veni Sancte Spiritus, K. 47, composed by Mozart age 12, Veni Creator Spiritus of Václav Emanuel Horák and Halleluja St. Martin of Graham Waterhouse.


10. April 2011:  The Martinis, chamber choir and youth choir, performed in a concert of Bach's St Matthew Passion in Dillenburg, as already in St. Martin in 2009.


27. February 2011, 10:30 a.m.: Music of Claudio Monteverdi in the service, his Missa in F from the anthology Selva morale e spirituale (1641) and the motet Cantate Domino, with Chor St. Martin and players of the Capella Lignea on cornett, baroque trombones, dulcian and organ.


21 December 2010: In dulci jubilo was the title of a choral concert at 8 p.m. with the Frankfurter Kammerchor, conducted by Wolfgang Schäfer.


12 December 2010: Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the priesthood of Klaus Schmidt, who was the minister of St. Martin for 30 years and is still active in the parish after his retirement in 2005. He is also a bass singer in the church choir Chor St. Martin and a gambist in the ensemble for old music Capella Lignea. The choir, the chamber choir Martinis and the orchestra Orchester St. Martin performed together in the service, Bjanka Ehry and Franz Fink played the organ.


13 and 14 November 2010: concerts Giuseppe Verdi: Messa da Requiem


6 October 2010: organ concert Kalevi Kiviniemi (Finnland) on the Mebold organ


5 April 2009 and 15 March 1998: Bach St. Matthew Passion